HHO Gas – Running Your Car On Water and Gasoline

Operating your automobile on water and gasoline collectively sounds unreal. If water isn’t flammable, and actually is often used to extinguish hearth, how can it’s burned together with gasoline or diesel gas in an inside combustion engine?

The reply is HHO gasoline. It isn’t the water itself being burned – that will be unattainable, in fact – it is the HHO gasoline you’ll be able to produce from it. Generally additionally named Oxyhydrogen, Aquygen, or Brown’s Gasoline (after inventor Yull Brown who might be referred to under), HHO is a mix of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) in a ratio of 2-to-1.

Hey, is not it the identical ratio that exists in water? That is proper. Water (H2O) is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen with the identical ratio. By way of a standard course of referred to as electrolysis, electrical present break water point molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules whereas sustaining the ratio. Once you combine them collectively, you get HHO gasoline.

HHO gasoline, not like water, is a extremely potent flammable matter which is already generally utilized in welders and cutters. It isn’t ample as a sole propellant of a automobile, however it may be used together with gasoline or diesel gas in an inside combustion engine.

The purpose of Yull Brown’s course of, which he patented again within the late 70’s, is that you do not have to retailer HHO gasoline in your automobile. You may retailer distilled water as an alternative, and have your HHO produced for you on demand by electrolysis, simply when your engine wants it. So that you really gas your automobile with water together with gasoline. The advantages are big – you get to avoid wasting on gasoline in at present’s skyrocketing gasoline costs, get a smoother trip out of your automobile, and cut back emissions and noise which hurt your well being and the surroundings.

“Wait a minute”, you say, “I’ve heard of hybrid automobiles, cannot I purchase them at dealerships?” Effectively, the ready-made hybrid automobiles you purchase at dealerships are fully totally different. They run on two totally different engines – {an electrical} and an everyday inside combustin gasoline car. Whereas they’ve many benefits of their very own, particularly when {the electrical} engine is in energy, they’ve a number of key disadvantages when in comparison with water-gas hybrid automobiles. I will handle this specific situation in my subsequent article.

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